Drone Academy


We have more than 10 years of experience with unmanned aerial vehicles. Our instructors work with drones daily in different areas. We share our experience during our trainings. We prefer and offer an individual approach.

Our learning program is confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Education. We put the priority on the practical part. We perform the practical flight trainings in manual mode “Stabilized” in DJI language “Atti” mode. As one of the few companies on the market, our training program includes critical scenarios like an “Upset Recovery” maneuver. As a standard the practical training lessons are performed outdoor and also indoor.

Practical Flight trainings are carried out in the “Teacher – Student” mode. In this way, the teacher is always in control of the drone while simulating fault conditions in the same time.

Only a pilot who reliably flies in manual mode can control the drone in case of sudden sensor failures.

We will also teach you what the drone really consists of, how to set up each part and how to maintain it.

Pay attention to safety, enroll in the course.